Julia joined us on a 12 week internship from the University of Glasgow. Before she left, we managed to catch up with her to ask about her experience with us.

Here is what she had to say;

Introduce yourself/ university?

My name is Julia, I am currently pursuing a Bachelor in Science in Psychology, and will be returning as a 4th year student at the University of Glasgow after my internship at City Property. I am originally from both Denmark and Japan, and I have lived in Glasgow for the past three years.

How would you describe your internship? What was the main focus?

My internship focused on data management in City Property. I examined current practices in each individual team, concerning EDRMS use, filing and GDPR compliance. To explore this, I interviewed almost all team managers in the City Property office, conducted a number of different data analyses, and wrote two reports to discuss my findings. I have also made a presentation that is an abridged version of my executive report.

What is the most memorable moment from your internship?

The most memorable moment from my internship was when I gave my presentation in front of senior management. I was very nervous, however I think that I did a good job at presenting my project. I was also able to spark a debate amongst the senior managers, which I believe signifies a success, since my project started a conversation between the key players in City Property. When these senior managers began discussing certain aspects of my project, I felt as if it was a big accomplishment in my part.

What was the most beneficial experience?

I think the most beneficial experience that I gained from my internship was learning how to write business style report. As a university student, I am only accustomed to writing academic reports. However, during my internship, I learned from my mistake of writing an academic report for my project and learned how to write a business report with an executive summary with the help of my mentor. She taught me which elements to include in a business report and also how to format it, which will be very beneficial knowledge for my future career.

What did you enjoy most about it?

I enjoyed learning how academic reports and business report differ due to its audience, and also how informative a business report can be in a limited amount of words. Also, I enjoyed learning how to place information in graphs and tables to make it more pleasing and easy to look at on business reports, over large paragraphs of narratives on academic reports.

Finally, what were the top 3 things you learned?

  • How to conduct interviews with different people and make them cover similar topics
  • How to write a business style report
  • How to make an eye-catching presentation

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Julia for all her hard work over the summer and wish her the best with her future studies!