Meanwhile Space is a term used to describe the temporary use of a property until it can be brought back to its full potential on a permanent basis. It utilises underused space for the benefit of the community and transforms this into a place of interest in light of the failing retail sector and empty shops on our high street.

Already achieving considerable success in cosmopolitan cities such as London and Paris, the initiative has landed in Glasgow where City Property Glasgow (Investments) has been working tirelessly to launch the initiative as part of Glasgow City Council’s High Street Strategy. Focusing on the Saltmarket and High Street area, a number of long term vacant shop units were identified as suitable locations to revitalise the area. In need of extensive renovation, work has been gradually progressing over the last six months to transform these shops ready for public use.

We are pleased to announce this work is now been complete and we can officially announce our first Meanwhile Space tenants to the area. These include:

SOGO – Sogo is a Scottish based bi-annual lifestyle and arts magazine, which promotes and provides a platform for Scottish creative industries and communities. They intend to design a programme of Art and Artists events throughout the year commencing with the launch a major retrospective photography exhibition by the work of David Pratt.

WASPS – Based in Glasgow, Wasps is the UK’s largest non-profit studio provider for artists, offering affordable workspaces in 19 locations across Scotland, currently supporting 900 creative tenants. They intend to continue this support by utilising Meanwhile Space to support activities in which creators can prosper.

New Glasgow Society – The New Glasgow Society (NGS) is a civic society promoting, protecting and raising interest in the City of Glasgow, through campaigning, discussion, projects, talks and exhibitions. They intend to continue this work throughout their Meanwhile Space tenancy.

TRACTion Cancer Support – TRACTion Cancer Support aims to raise awareness of, and support patients with, ADT (Aero Digestive Tract) Cancers (e.g. lips, mouth, tongue, nose, throat, vocal chords and windpipe). The charity has been set up by cancer specialists who recognised the growing need for targeted ADT Cancer support in Scotland. They intend to use the space to continue this work in supporting patients with ADT.

We are pleased to have each on board and welcome the exciting programme of events each has planned over the next year. This is an exciting time for the community and we hope the success of Meanwhile Space leads to increase awareness of the area and attracts visitors on a global level.

Richard Watson, Commercial Group Manager, welcomed the launch of Meanwhile Space to Glasgow stating:

“City Property Glasgow (Investments) has been working hard over the past year to help deliver Meanwhile Space to Glasgow – the first of its kind. We’re excited for our new tenants to move in and bring a creative buzz to the area. I encourage everyone to visit and see some of the exciting exhibits each have planned.”

Meanwhile Space officially launches on Wednesday 26 June.