Located in the east end of Glasgow and regarded as a vital part of the community, the centre offers a range of shops, services and cafes in Easterhouse Town Centre.

Since the purchase of the Shandwick Shopping Centre, CPGI has invested and developed in a number of areas to improve the attractiveness of the centre. Most noticeably, the rebrand to ‘The Lochs’ which has modernised the look and feel of the centre and given it a current flavour bringing it into the 21st Century. This has also allowed it to integrate into the wider initiatives in and around Greater Easterhouse.

Other works have included new signage throughout, re-lamping, the repainting and enhancement of each entrance, footfall counters and improvements to the heating system used throughout the centre.

Within almost three short years, the payback of these improvements have been significant. In particular, the lease renewal of three major tenants for 10 years which will see popular brands remain in the centre and in 2018, a staggering million visitors made their way through the doors – a real triumph for the centre.

With the shopping centre’s immediate future sustained, a number of other improvements will be carried out in the surrounding areas. Working closely with Development and Regeneration Services within Glasgow City Council, enhancements will be made to the connectivity of the wider town centre to continue the housing-led spatial regeneration of Greater Easterhouse. This will include improved accessibility through a new parkland adjacent to the future housing site at Blairtummock and enhanced travel links to Easterhouse Train Station which provides the community with direct access to Glasgow City Centre.

Richard Watson, Commercial Group Manager at CPGI, said of the improvements:

“We are eager to continue improvements to the shopping centre and wider area. As part of the council’s strategic objectives for regeneration, we have already established links with the local community and work closely with our partners at DRS to put our plan into action. We are excited about the future of The Lochs and look forward to welcoming new tenants to the revamped shopping centre.”

What next?

Planned capital investment in the shopping centre will continue. Community consultation carried out in 2016, established the local need for new toilets to improve customer experience and local facilities. This investment is now committed and will be delivered in Spring/ Summer 2019.

Another highlighted matter was the need for consistent communication to vendors and visitors from one channel. A new website has been created which will be the hub of information for everything regarding The Lochs. This will also act as the face of the shopping centre to allow the brand to be marketed city-wide to raise awareness of emerging local events and activities. The website will launch on Monday 18 February and will be welcomed by the community and visitors alike.